we walk alone together

Month: April, 2016

singpowrimo 2016, day 5

Today, you are simply asked to write a poem that states the things you know to be true.

Bonus: Reference Donald Trump without calling him a name.

The basin is not the balm is not the
bath is not the meal not even the poem,
only the midpoint of two large swimming
pools: one, you, the second, still you
but with a blue Vespa that takes thirty-seven
seconds longer to find parking. The forest
split by a fence, across which there you are
in your one-piece, drowning.

That pinging sound through your cranium.
The meagre song sung at the funeral as the
pinging kept beat. I know you would not have
wanted this. The basin is where I taught you
to swim before you flew and fell, the likeness
of Icarus, only human. Twelve minutes and
forty-three seconds. The forest missing, and the
appearance of a child, you, dribbling and murmuring.

We danced to an old voice that warbled through
your child belly, crooning heavily the names
of all your lovers. Your body takes twenty-eight
seconds to resurface. It is pale and crackling
with the sound of a fire. This will upset you,
but this is the Vespa, chuttling through the streets,
finding your poem. Me on the Vespa, then me
flying off on impact, disappearing into the sea.


singpowrimo 2016, day 2

ignoring the prompt

I spit, and feel I have gargled a world
out of my mouth. Is it a semicolon,
resembling a human body in prayer,
partially obscured or lost forever?
Flesh slices open in fishnet uniformity,
serving sashimi human as apology to God
who stares eyes bloodshot with faith.

Saliva and cold ceramic hug.
The bacteria, invisible, scatter like dead flies
in the sink, cooked in their own fat, they float.
If you willed your irises a few evolutions early,
if you packed your eyeballs close, perhaps
you would see the wet constellation
swimming fearfully into the black earth.

days later, in line with the prompt

Today’s challenge is a sort of found poem, you are tasked to create your own personal scripture to live your life by, a poem which is made entirely of your favourite quotes and sayings.
It is inspired by this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote
“Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet”
Bonus Challenge: Include a quote from somewhere other than literary of fiction and poems. Eg: An advertisement jingle, a company slogan, your phone bill.

He manages like somebody carrying a box
that is too heavy, first with his arms
underneath. A long exposure shot. A sigh.
Are you still there? I wouldn’t blame
you if you’ve given up on me, I mean
I’m looking for God to take me away.

God! After I die please sculpt me in ice
so pure it looks like glass sweating.
God! After I dance immortality into
atmosphere, forget all of me, only –
when it rains, hold your hand out.
Catch my body before it lands.

[Michiko Dead, Jack Gilbert/ Invisible Snapshot (for Leslie Chung), Cyril Wong/ A Tale For The Time Being, Ruth Ozeki/ Poop!, Chong Tze Chien/ Poem Beginning with a Line by Milosz, Mark Irwin]

singpowrimo 2016, day 1

It’s Day 1 of the 30 days of madness you have signed up for.
The first prompt for the cruel month of April: Ready? Set? Go.

Write a poem that includes the following four words
Singapore, Poetry, Writing and Month.

Bonus Challenge:
Your poem should not be about Singapore, Poetry, Writing, or Singapore Poetry Writing Month.

poetry threaded thickly into sweatshirt, in circular
motions, accidentally surfacing at the center, blushing forcefully
a stain into calendar, stretching continental months apart, becoming sea
now. you bristle and are sticky, pressing tongue against earlobes
carved into the singapore earth. perhaps it really does hear
you. I say this because you need someone to.