You have burned a home into my heart (17w)

I want to be true. I want to be brave and honest. I want to navigate and create things for this world because of love. /For now, I will put away my masks and look out naked. (11w)

my heart grasps how quickly these days will be lost and shudders (10w)

repeatedly amazed that I am /here/, that I am not alone, that people can be so wonderful and so awful. amazed that I can take copious portions of myself/my belongings, run wildly and blindly, and still find myself sitting in my room at the end of it all, every piece in place. I am amazed that I can fix myself. I am amazed by the weight of hands when I hold them – that something unbelievable and surreal like a soul can take such a tangible form, a form that so comfortingly /exists/. is there. I am not alone – that is the most incredible thing to know. (10w)

How infinitely coherent the sky is. It always says to you, “Here. Here is space, release, renewal. Here is promise. Do not give up.” (9w)

I have the most frightful dreams (4w)

my friends they live in rather beautiful places (1w)

it was good to be home, to try to make a difference, to find hope and innocence and nascent forms of a braver education /it reminds that our dreams are such potent things, we must dream and we must do, trudge, push, grow. (5h)