we walk alone together

Month: February, 2015


I would like to sink into the sky, vomit all my secret fears and affections into a void – there is a universe of words that I want to be seen. I’ve been hidden for so long…I want to bring my universe into this world. It is such a selfish dream. You’ll remember you have a universe too – even if you choose to lock it away. It is bursting, trembling, crying for a name.


songs are hard to sing (trigger warning)

watch-wearer, ring-bearer,
tall idle fruit on the bending boughs:
the leaving do not recognize the why
and so let the paltry hope beat its wings.
I am not a sky soldier. I’m not a living
ghost on the swings near the cliff,
trying to fly myself into the sea.

a small oak rustling an apology.
we’re full to the point of nausea.
the feet of the story are shaking,
their ankles swollen with sinking promises.

whatever shudders, swallow it whole:
try to drown yourself with it.
drink it into your lungs. bleed it
into a bowl. if there is one sure way
to ink yourself it is through deep pain.