we walk alone together

Month: January, 2015

Small Sun

warm human you
resemble the sun sometimes.
it doesn’t pain me as much
but perhaps i am less in love.
nonetheless you will be this poem
palpitating gently on fine glass
my heart quieter than yours,
every slip feels like a tiny collision
against my small love. i will soon find
a way to silence this spot of
nonsense that glows upon only
one of your faces. to love you fully
i must recognize all of them.


i have never come close. now
your body has left
i take my heart away
on a leash.



this is the part where you mistake
the sunflower for the sun
so what you think might be
becomes resolute in its destructive intent;
the world is molded to the shape
of your palm like putty with too much water
wetting our carpets and making the milky way
a little too pungent to bear for the average man
honey bee the world is hardly your oyster
one day your clam shell closure
will crack open like a line of smoke
splitting the lonesome night sky,
allowing fire to fall to earth:
we will be buried all together,
charred with the smell of seeds
and lost humans

(written 28/01/14)